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GST return Filing by a normal taxpayer along with Rules and forms
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Filing of GST return by normal taxpayer under GST along with Rules and forms

Every person registered under GST will have to file returns monthly in GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3.

  • 1. Registered taxpayer has to file the outward supply details in GSTR-1 in relation to supplies made in a month
  • 2. The details to be filled on or before the tenth day of the month succeeding the said tax period.
  • Registered person cannot furnish the details of outward supplies during the period from the eleventh day to the fifteenth day of the month
  • 3. FORM GSTR-1 shall include, inter alia
  • (a) invoice wise details of all - (i) inter-State and intra-State supplies made to registered persons; and
  • (ii) inter-State supplies with invoice value more than two and a half lakh rupees made to unregistered persons;
  • (b) consolidated details of all - (i) intra-State supplies made to unregistered persons for each rate of tax; and
  • (ii) State wise inter-State supplies with invoice value upto two and a half lakh rupees made to unregistered persons for each rate of tax;
  • (c) debit and credit notes, if any, issued during the month for invoices issued previously.
  • Scanned copy of invoices not required to be uploaded

4. Question. What type of outward supply details are to be filed in the return?
Ans. For B2B supplies, details of all invoices, whether Intra-state or Inter- state supplies, will have to be uploaded. Because ITC will be taken by the recipients, invoice matching is required to be done.

A normal registered taxpayer has to file the outward supply details in GSTR-1 in relation to various types of supplies made in a month, namely outward supplies to registered persons, outward supplies to unregistered persons (consumers), details of Credit/Debit Notes, zero rated, exempted and non-GST supplies, exports, and advances received in relation to future supply.

In B2C supplies, uploading in general may not be required as the buyer will not be taking ITC. However still in order to implement the destination based principle, details of invoices of value more than Rs.2.5 lakhs in in inter-state B2C supplies will have to be uploaded. For inter-state invoices below Rs. 2.5 lacs and all intra-state invoices, state wise summary will be sufficient.

5. The details of outward supplies furnished by the supplier shall be made available electronically to the concerned registered persons (recipients) in Part A of FORM GSTR-2A, through the Common Portal after the due date of filing of FORM GSTR-1. While a large part of GSTR-2 will be auto-populated from GSTR-2A, there are some details that only recipient can fill like details of imports, details of purchases from non-registered or composition suppliers and exempt/non-GST/nil GST supplies etc.

6. The registered person shall specify the inward supplies in respect of which he is not eligible, either fully or partially, for input tax credit in FORM GSTR-2 where such eligibility can be determined at the invoice level. The registered person shall declare the quantum of ineligible input tax credit on inward supplies which is relatable to non-taxable supplies or for purposes other than business and cannot be determined at the invoice level in FORM GSTR-2

7. The details of inward supplies of goods or services or both furnished in FORM GSTR-2 shall include, inter alia, - (a) invoice wise details of all inter-State and intra-State supplies received from registered persons or unregistered persons; (b) import of goods and services made; and (c) debit and credit notes, if any, received from supplier.

8. Recipient can himself feed the invoices not uploaded by his supplier. The credit on such invoices will also be given provisionally but will be subject to matching. On matching, if the invoice is not uploaded by the supplier, both of them will be intimated. If the mismatch is rectified, provisional credit will be confirmed. But if the mismatch continues, the amount will be added to the output tax liability of the recipient in the returns for the month subsequent to the month in which such discrepancy was communicated.

9. The details of inward supplies added, corrected or deleted by the recipient in his FORM GSTR-2 shall be made available to the supplier electronically in FORM GSTR-1A through the Common Portal and such supplier may either accept or reject the modifications made by the recipient and FORM GSTR-1 furnished earlier by the supplier shall stand amended to the extent of modifications accepted by him. Every registered person who has been communicated the details shall either accept or reject the details so communicated, on or before the seventeenth day, but not before the fifteenth day, of the month succeeding the tax period and the details furnished by him under shall stand amended accordingly.

10. Every registered person shall, for every calendar month or part thereof, furnish a return, in FORM GSTR-3 electronically, of inward and outward supplies of goods or services or both, input tax credit availed, tax payable, tax paid , on or before the twentieth day of the month succeeding such calendar month or part thereof. And shall pay to the Government the tax due as per such return not later than the last date on which he is required to furnish such return. GSTR-3 return shall be electronically generated on the basis of information furnished through FORM GSTR-1, FORM GSTR-2 and based on other liabilities of preceding tax periods. Such registered person shall furnish a return for every tax period whether or not any supplies of goods or services or both have been made during such tax period. A registered person shall not be allowed to furnish a return for a tax period if the return for any of the previous tax periods has not been furnished by him.

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